95th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market, IFAM off to a bumpy start


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Indian Market in New Mexico is possibly as big a part of New Mexico culture as the Balloon Fiesta and Zozobra.  People fly into Santa Fe from all over the world to witness some of the greatest Indigenous Southwest artist’s most recent paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.  Native American art that speaks the language of generations and passes the cultural torch from ancestor to modern day children.  It’s a very important part of New Mexican culture because of the mark Indigenous people have left on New Mexico-past and present.

                A lot of Native American artists get their starts at Indian Market or IFAM.  Artists like Tony Abeyta, Tammy Garcia, Nocona Burgess, and Fritz Casuse were all present this year to volunteer or display.  Many New Mexicans have watched their favorite New Mexican artist’s styles evolve from adolescence to maturity.  Our hometown artists have been on their own journeys since they began their adventure into the art world and as they’ve grown as artists we’ve grown proud to be a part of the beauty they create.

                Although the Indigenous Fine Art Movement (IFAM) hit a speed bump this last weekend and was limited to only one day as a result of occupancy issues, attendance in Santa Fe was still overwhelming as usual.  I’m sure IFAM will have their ducks in a row for next year.  Meanwhile, some of the Artists that stood out this year are as follows.



Best in Class Winners 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market:

Benson Manygoats (Navajo) — Jewelry

Al Qoyawayma (Hopi) — Pottery


Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo) — Painting/Drawings/Graphics/Photography

Adrian Nasafotie (Hopi) — Pueblo Wooden Carvings

Ed Natiya (Navajo) — Sculpture


Berdina Charley (Navajo) — Textiles

Leonard Gene (Navajo) — Diverse Arts

Joyce & Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty (Assiniboine/Sioux) — Beadwork/Quillwork

Kelly Church (Odawa-Ojibwe) — Basketry