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  • Special counsel obtains thousands of Trump transition emails December 17, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian contacts with President Donald Trump's campaign has gained access to thousands of emails sent and received by Trump officials before the start of his administration, according to several people familiar with Trump's transition organization.
  • Nevada Democrat, facing ethics probe, won't seek re-election December 16, 2017
    LAS VEGAS (AP) — First-term Democratic Congressman Ruben Kihuen of Nevada, who is at the center of sexual harassment allegations, announced Saturday he won't seek re-election.
  • Trump defends tax plan, proclaims economy set 'to rock' December 16, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Closing in on the first major legislative achievement of his term, President Donald Trump on Saturday defended the Republican tax cut as a good deal for the middle class while boldly suggesting it could lead to explosive economic growth.
  • After Alabama, abortion may be backseat issue in 2018 races December 16, 2017
    ATLANTA (AP) — Alabama, one of the most conservative states in the country, with one of the most evangelical electorates, is sending an abortion-rights supporter to the U.S. Senate, despite GOP efforts to paint Democrat Doug Jones as an unacceptable extremist on the issue.
  • Health law sign-up deadline extended for some people December 16, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — After a rush of last-minute sign-ups, the Trump administration says it's extending the deadline for some people to finish health insurance applications for next year under the Affordable Care Act.