Secretary of Taxation & Revenue Name Scorned


Is it because she’s the next woman?


            New Mexico, it is a time for listening.  It seems a staple of NM history has been accused of wrong doing.  In a time where “helping” is considered wrong doing and the obvious is not so obvious any longer a person’s name scorned.  As a proud supporter of New Mexico history it is important we don’t misrepresent a proud member of our community.  Demesia Padilla is a distinguished part of Albuquerque history and deserves respect without question.  Anyone in disagreement please state your concerns without hiding behind anonymity.  A true New Mexican would face his or her accused(TRD) before scorning HER name.


            Thank you for adhering to the 1st and 5th amendments of the U.S. Constitution and giving Mas the privilege to observe and speak opinion.